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TherMatrix bullets, beads, glue, original treatment

Activate tens of millions of collagen while creating super elastic skin without lines. Only with a high frequency of 6 million Hz can the radio frequency heat energy be used to activate collagen regeneration. The skin that had originally lost collagen will no longer be troubled by the sagging, sagging, and wrinkles of the skin, and the muscle base will become swollen and the collagen BB team will support your skin. At the same time, the electric wave of the collagen gun can achieve the effect of lifting skin for you. From now on, I want to say goodbye to you!

  • Equipped with three sterile probes of different sizes, including 7mm (suitable for eyes), 15mm (suitable for face), and 30mm (suitable for body), with different areas of treatment, fit the skin, and maximize the power of radio frequency.

  • The mesh radio frequency can reach the dermis directly, and the temperature can reach 60~70°C. The collagen is instantly tightened, and at the same time, it stimulates the breakdown of the collagen tissue and recombines and regenerates. The adhesion between the tissues increases, and the skin support network is tightened to support the skin. The sagging skin is lifted, and the skin becomes firm, plump and elastic.

  • With the unique pulse form, the energy is not only concentrated on the surface or part of the probe, but is transmitted to the corresponding depth according to different probes. The large-area volumetric tissue heats up, so that the tissue is fully heated.

  • Each probe is independently produced and packaged, and undergoes rigorous testing and disinfection, ensuring safety and hygiene.

One-time effective and comprehensive improvement

It can be used to treat different parts:

Face, eyes, lips, abdomen, arms, thighs and buttocks

  • Tighten skin and increase skin elasticity

  • Contour shaping, body shaping

  • Smoothen wrinkles, treat stretch marks and belly lines

  • Tighten pores and significantly improve skin texture


Especially suitable for:

. Sagging skin, lack of elasticity

. Wrinkles, stretch marks, belly lines, fine lines

. Tighten pores

First trial price: $888/time 

*The offer is for face only, excluding eyes.

*Only the first experience for new customers

Make an appointment now-TherMatrix marbles, beads, glue, original 

* The treatment is only limited to the first experience appointment for new customers.
* Confirmation of the appointment date and time will contact you by phone within 2 working days. (*Subject to the appointment date and time confirmed by phone)

Thank you for your submission! We will reply and confirm your appointment as soon as possible!

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