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Pull and mention, really solve the double chin problem
Liftera V needle-free embedding treatment

According to expert analysis, the habit of bowing your head for a long time in daily life can cause double chins. The lowering of the head can easily cause the skin at the lower jaw to become loose. What worries women most is the increase in neck wrinkles. There is no needle thread embedding treatment at MediME, which can really solve the double chin problem.


Unlimited number of lines, 3 treatment heads, KFDA certification, confidence guarantee! Patented TDT medical-grade focused ultrasound can effectively improve contours, tighten double chin and neck, and improve eye sagging problems, including eye bags and tiger lines!


First trial price: $560 /time (*cover face, eyes, neck)

*The offer is only for face, eyes and neck.

*Only the first experience for new customers

Especially suitable for:

. Head down

. People who use electronic products for a long time

. People with sagging facial skin and deep tiger lines

. People with sagging eyes and eye lines

. People with deep neck wrinkles and sagging 

Book Now-Liftera V Needle-Free Embedding Treatment

* The treatment is only limited to the first experience appointment for new customers.
* Confirmation of the appointment date and time will contact you by phone within 2 working days. (*Subject to the appointment date and time confirmed by phone)

Thank you for your submission! We will reply and confirm your appointment as soon as possible!

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