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Royal AQUAPURE Cleansing Treatment

Medi:ME only uses AQUAPURE US patent-certified original formula solutions and essence solutions, and each uses a proven new medical beauty compound, which is better than the traditional single solution and single formula. After completing a course of treatment, the skin has been able to completely remove excess keratin, balance the ratio of water and oil, biological purification, collagen induction, and absorb Centella asiatica extract and amino-condensation complex needed for natural skin brightening.

First trial price: $498/time 

*The offer is for face only.

*Only the first experience for new customers

Especially suitable for:

. More blackheads

. Water-oil imbalance

. Pore occlusion

. Excessive oil secretion

. Dull spots and uneven skin tone


* The treatment is only limited to the first experience appointment for new customers.
* Confirmation of the appointment date and time will contact you by phone within 2 working days. (*Subject to the appointment date and time confirmed by phone)

Thank you for your submission! We will reply and confirm your appointment as soon as possible!

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