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TherMATRIX Collagen Eye Bag Gun

The eye skin is the most fragile skin on the body. In addition to the lack of sleep for urbanites, dark circles under the eyes must be often accompanied. On weekdays, blinking, putting on makeup, rubbing eyes, etc. will accelerate the aging of the eye skin and cause eye wrinkles.
The treatment of "Thermatrix Collagen Eye Pouch Gun" brings fineness and firmness. The TherMATRIX collagen eye bag gun is combined with a small 7mm probe dedicated to the eye. It uses monopolar radio frequency to promote collagen proliferation, increase skin elasticity, and achieve the effect of reducing dark circles, tightening eye bags and improving eye lines.


​Directly reach the dermis through a 6 million dZ monopolar radio frequency, which will bring the temperature of the cortex to 60~70℃, which will cause the collagen to shrink immediately, and at the same time stimulate the breakage of the collagen tissue to reorganize and regenerate, effectively promote the blood and lymph circulation around the eyes, and lighten it. Dark circles, improve eye bags, dilute the fine lines of the eyes and have a lifting and firming effect, supporting sagging and sagging skin, and restoring youthful and radiant eyes!

Thermatrix 眼袋槍_2022FB_post_edited_edited.jpg

Especially suitable for:

. Deep dark circles

. Sagging eye bags

. Eye wrinkles

First trial price: $388/time 

*The offer is only for eyes.

*Only the first experience for new customers

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* The treatment is only limited to the first experience appointment for new customers.
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